More Than Just a Service

At Mountain Bike Suspension Centre we pride ourselves on ensuring every component that we work on leaves our workshop performing at its best. 

Expert Knowledge

We apply our years off suspension servicing and enhancement to every aspect of suspension or seatpost operation

Quality Parts

We only use the highest quality service parts. That may well be a genuine part but we have the experience to know when an aftermarket option provides better longevity or lower friction.

Premium Lubricants

We were so impressed with WPL suspension oil that we became the Australian distributor. The environmental benefits to plant-based lubricants is obvious and important. Make no mistake, we have tried and tested the world's best brands and WPL Shock Boost performs the best on race day.


Tests and Checks

Before a serviced part is returned to its owner, it is obviously tested for correct operation and checked for air or oil leaks. Importantly though, we also test for nuances in small bump sensitivity, knock-free change of direction and high-speed control. Every brand and model has different levels of performance but we are always aiming to maximise what’s possible.

Work Guarantee

We are very proud of the work we do, our reputation and our rate of successfully exceeding expectation. But, we’re only human. If we’ve worked on something that has not performed as expected or has failed prematurely, we will always stand by our work and go above and beyond to ensure a positive outcome.