Posting Your Components for Service

When you complete the checkout process you will receive an order confirmation email.

  1. Take note of your order number. This is also your job reference number.
  2. Click to print and view a postage label for either Australia Post or Courier depending on which you intend to use for shipping.
  3. Once printed, cut out the two sections.
  4. Write your order number on both sections in the space provided as well as your return address on the large section under Sender.
  5. The small section must be placed inside the parcel with your part(s).
  6. The large section needs to be taped to the outside of your parcel taking care not to cover any information.
  7. Seal your parcel up and send it to us!
  8. We will send you an email when your job is completed and being returned. Alternatively, if you requested a quote, we will contact you with a price as soon as your part has been assessed.


Please note:

  • Ensure your parts are reasonably clean and not covered in dirt and oil.
  • Ensure that your parcel has been protectively packed as we take no responsibility for any damage to your part(s) suffered in transit to us.
  • We highly recommend getting postal insurance and signature on delivery when posting you components as an additional layer of protection and peace of mind.


When sending in forks for service:

  • If applicable, please remove your through-axle and axle hardware as well as any cable guides. Do not send these items with the fork. Keep them in a safe place ready for the return of your fork.


When sending in rear shocks for service:

  • Please remove or cable-tie all mounting hardware. For coil-sprung shocks, please remove the spring and spring clip. Do not send removed items with the shock. Keep them in a safe place ready for the return of your shock.


        Please contact us if any additional information or clarification is required.