Bushing Service : 36/38/40mm Fox Fork

Bushing Service : 36/38/40mm Fox Fork

  • $139.95


Lower Leg Bushings are a wearable item, over time movement (play) can develop between the upper tube and the lowers, sometimes felt by rocking the bike back and forward, by a loose feeling or knocking sound when riding.

Mountain Bike Suspension Centre sizes all bushings after installation, this ensures the fork is already bed in and ready to ride when you get the fork back. It also improved the ride quality for small bump compliance providing a super smooth ride and helps to improve the longevity of the upper tubes.

Service includes the following;

  • Inspection of lowers
  • Removal of old worn bushings
  • Cleaning of lower leg bores/bottom-out bumpers and preparation for new bushings
  • Installation of new Genuine FOX bushings
  • Blueprint Sizing of lower leg bushings to improve small bump ride quality and fork longevity

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