Custom Tune : Fork

Custom Tune : Fork

  • $129.95



The Dark art of the custom tune, Mountain Bike Suspension Centre has over 15 years of custom tune experience working with both top athletes and mere mortals to help them achieve their bike goals through the set up and tuning of their suspension. 

Suspension feel and performance can a very personal thing. We balance many important factors to deliver the ideal bike setup for you. These factors include your weight, riding style, local tracks, bike kinematics and desired outcome.

We back all of our tuning with a FREE re-tune within 90 days.

Please feel free to call or email to discuss different tune options that are right for you.

If combined with a General or Complete fork service a custom tune is only $69.95. If booking online please mention you want a custom tune in the comments when booking in the service and we will contact you to discuss the tune and take payment once your suspension has arrived.

The Custom tune includes;

  • Custom tune labor
  • Shims
  • Optimised damper fluids if needed
  • Free Re-tune if within 90 days
  • Volume spacers are not included
  • Return postage (If required) 

*Please consider performing a Blueprint fork service before a custom tune. A Blueprint can drastically improve a forks performance unlocking better small bump performance, grip, comfort, support and solves many issues that may be disguising themselves as a damper issue. It should be the first step in getting your fork dialled in. 

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